LIGETTi Multiples

Boolean Light

Amsterdam, January 2021

The concept of Boolean Light starts from the opposites and binaries which dominate our culture and ideas: inside/outside, open/close, front/rear, body/mind, nature/culture etc.By applying the Boolean operators AND OR NOT on the materials and structure of Boolean Light, in the mixing of color, shifting layers and managing transparency and permeability, the binaries open up and new dimensions and colours are revealed.Boolean Light is a creative canvas with strong references to painting, sculpture, architecture, fashion and film. And, not to forget to mention, Boolean Light are great wall lightsBoolean Light is produced in series: Woods, Art, Bubble, Firstness, Cities, Artm÷n e.a. The fixture and materials are extremely durable: steel, glass and industrial foils. The first lights were produced in 1993 and are still without aging.

LIGETTi Multiples are designed by Johannes Bongers and on display at the studio.LIGETTi Multiples
KNSM-laan 708
1019 LS Amsterdam
The Netherlands
To visit the studio and information on prices and delivery time please contact:
Phone:+31 (0) 681831510