LIGETTI objects

Boolean Light

Amsterdam, January 2021

Boolean Light is a robust wall lighting concept, spreading LED light softly from behind glass fronts. The construction and materials produce a new shifting shapes and color experience. Boolean Light is a canvas with strong references to painting, sculpture, architecture, fashion and film.

The design concept of Boolean Light starts from the known opposites: inside-outside, open-close, front-rear. By applying the Boolean operators AND, OR and NOT in the mixing of color, shifting layers and managing transparency and permeability, the old binary structures is broken open and a new spatial dimension is revealed.

Boolean Light shows what the world looks like when all binary concepts are released: we enter a clarifying and at the same time a poetic reality. Boolean Light comes in series: Into the Woods, Art Men, Bubble, City Shape, Abstract Expression e.a.

Ligetti is manufacturing in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. All objects are on display at our studio.

KNSM-laan 708
1019LS Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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